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Energy Transport SystemTM
Energy Transport SystemThis Phild effect is the basis for the Energy Transport System. The Phild Processed material regulates the body's energy flow by stablizing ions. Injury, fatigue, and low oxygen levels hurt the efficiency of your cells, disrupting the normal flow of energy in your system. This increases the tension and fatigue in your body as it tries to compensate for the lost energy. Phiten products stabilize the energy, permitting a greater flow of energy with less waste. Fatigue sets in later and recovery time is shortened.


Aqua-TitaniumIn nature, titanium is not a soluble material. However, by utilizing the high-intensity Phild Process, Phiten scientists are able to dissolve titanium in water. This creates Aqua-Titanium, which then can be absorbed into material just like a dye. The Aqua-Titanium becomes part of the fabric and can not be washed out or fade away. Aqua-Titanium is most prominently used in our necklaces and apparel, where the entire fabric is permeated with Aqua-Titanium and emits energy that effectively controls your bio-electric current.


X30Aqua-Titanium X30 has a concentration 30 times higher than standard Aqua-Titanium. The higher concentration amplifies the effectiveness of the Phiten benefits for today's high performance athlete.

Micro-Titanium Spheres

Micro-Titanium Spheres Miniscule beads of titanium are created using the Phild Process. These perfectly spherical beads can then be mixed into a compound to be printed or layered directly onto material to target specific areas of the body with concentrated effectiveness.

In Necklaces & Bracelets:

At first glance, the inner core of Phiten necklaces and bracelets may look like mere rubber. However, it actually contains Micro-Titanium Spheres and Carbonized Titanium held together in a compound by the elastomer rubber.

The S-Type necklaces and bracelets feature a Micro-Titanium Sphere layer embedded on the inside of the silicone, which can be seen easily - just look for the dark or light gray zones across the inside.


X30Aqua-Gold is made just like our more frequently used Aqua-Titanium: gold is Phild-processed and dissolved into ultra-purified water. It is most often used in Phiten's liquid products, like lotion, drinking water, hair and cosmetic products. Like all of Phiten's exclusive health technologies, it helps stabilize your body's energy. Efficient energy use is at the core of optimizing your body's natural recovery systems.
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