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Shipping fees are based on relation to your order's total weight.  Shipping rates reflected are those by UPS, USPS, and our calculated Economy Rate Shipping which applies to most orders under 20lbs. Economy doesn't mean slower, but does offer a rate lower than UPS or postal may have quoted you. You're welcome to select between those three methods and can quickly quote the shipping on any order without needing to make an account! We Reserve the right to use whichever carrier we deem will best provide you your order in the most expedient manner. Should you absolutely require a specific carrier due to carrier restriction please indicate so in one of the extra shipping address lines. We also reserve the right on certain orders cancel should the shipping amount far exceed the actual quoted price for reason beyond our control.
Orders of large dimensions and/or heavier weight will most usually be shipped via UPS ground to spare costs and potential damage in transit.
"Free-shipping" is not offered for orders of a certain dollar amount like many sites on the net. Prices as low as those reflected herein don't leave any room for a free-shipping bonus. We do, however, offer some very reasonable economy rates are offered and we're confident the overall price of your order will still be lowest available.

Orders placed before 10am EST are usually shipped within 3-10 days of your order and in most cases delivered within 2-3 days of shipping.  

We reserve the right to hold orders to best serve our interest in keeping the cost of shipping within the rate the customer paid along with their order. Given the broad range of manufacturers and products we carry, out-of-stocks are common that may delay orders for up to 7 days. In this case, we may change your shipping carrier to expedite the delivery to you. 

Orders in which billing and shipping address are different, customer confirmation may be required. This may result in an order being held until the customer can be reached to confirm their identity. This is done to protect the security of the transactions on
International orders are currently not accepted.
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