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WE ARE NOT ACCPTING RETURNS DUE TO COVID-19 UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE (3/15/2020) will accept returns within 14-days of delivery under the following guidelines:

Broken or packaging damage that has compromised product.

Please understand that outer plastic seals and paper seals under the lid are vulnerable to disruption under shipping conditions.  It is not atypical to have a paper seal under the lid become dislodged just enough to allow some powder to show under the outer seals.  Its also typical for the paper seal to become attached to the under sides of lids by way of melting during manufacturing with the high temperatures used to adhere seals to the tubs. Therefore, when removing lid for the first time, it may appear a seal has been compromised to some degree. Each package and product is inspected by several staff members during shipment. We can guarantee that no tampering can take place in our facilities with the process in which we manage our orders.

If a product is damaged to the point that the product is unusable it would be under the following circumstances:

1. Melted/broken liquid capsules.

2. Powdered ingredient loss is greater than one serving of material (very atypical instance)

We must be notified immediately and upon receiving broken or damaged items. We may arrange for UPS to arrange pickup. UPS will contact you and arrange a time when a driver can make pickup and inspect damaged packaging. After we receive damaged order, we will issue refund or a duplicate shipment will be made. 

In any instance, must be notified of any issue within 14-days of delivery for action to be taken.

Wrong product shipment.

If you received the wrong item, different from invoice description, may decide to issue a return tag and will ship out the correct item promptly. We apologize for any incovienence. Please understand that mistakes are made.

Return Policy for opened items:

Opened items that caused any illness or adverse rection to, contact us at stating the circumstances and we will arrange for a pickup of the product and apply credit towards a future purchase and/or arrage for the delivery of an alternative product.  Again, we ask that you inform of us of any situation of this nature within 14 days of receiving your order.

Items not exactly as they appear on the website:

A good amount of the products we sell often undergo changes in packaging as the manufacturer grows. It is common for a manufacturer to re-design their labels and packaging

We try our best to keep our product photos accurate and current, but we are dealing with over 700 manufacturers and 40,000 items and we may not be able to keep up or we may just keep the most commonly recognized photo of the product on our listing.

There are several reasons why a manufacturer may change the look of their product:

Re-designing their logos
Re-formulating their product
Seasonal editions
Limited/Special Editions

Bars in warmer moinths: We do not recommend ordering bars in the warmer months as we have no way of keep them cool for the duration of the shiopping period. If you do order bars in warmer months and arrive soft, please lay them flat refrigerate overnight. this usually soves any issues. We will not return or refund bars for any reason.

If you are looking for an older version of an item that has previously gone through a re-design or if you are very particular on what version of the product you receive, contact us before your purchase to make sure we have the item as pictured.

We will not be responsible for items order that meet the above criteria!

Other Returns:

In the event that a customer simply would like to return an unopened product for a reason not listed already above, a 25% restocking fee will be deducted from refund. Customer is also responsible for return shipment expense. Returns that meet the above listed guidelines can be sent to:  

2520 E SUNSET RD #13


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